Keeping setuptools updated in OpenShift Python S2I

After a recent commit to a Python project that I work on, I noticed that my resulting OpenShift pod had begun crashlooping after the rebuild.

A quick check of the pod logs showed why: for some reason, it could no longer find the alembic module, despite that being a transitive dependency of SQLAlchemy, which my project already had in its requirements.txt.

Curious, I checked the build logs and noticed an odd error during the dependency install:

egg_info for package alembic produced metadata for project name unknown. 
Fix your #egg=alembic fragments.

A quick search revealed this to be a common issue experienced in a variety of modules, and the problem in all cases was universally that the version of setuptools being used was too old.

Fortunately, OpenShift has a quick and easy way to resolve this problem - you can instruct the S2I builder to update its own pip and setuptools modules before commencing the build of your application.

This is as easy as setting the UPGRADE_PIP_TO_LATEST environment variable to true in your OpenShift buildconfig.


With this environment set and a new build triggered, I was once again greeted by my application running once more. Hope you find this tip useful!